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How your diet impacts your health

You’ve probably heard the saying that you are what you eat, and the hard fact is that the saying is absolutely true. What we put into our body has a direct impact on our overall quality of life and how we are able to function…


How to take care of your thyroid

The thyroid gland is a very important organ in the body which is responsible for an array of functions such as regulating body temperature. The thyroid is also responsible for transforming the food we intake into usable energy for our body and it even plays…


Dealing with mineral deficiency in the body

The human body thrives on various minerals and vitamins which aid in its ability to produce energy amongst an array of other functions. There are various minerals which are vital for the body and when you lack sufficient amounts of these minerals it can lead…


Full Body Lifting Vs. Direct Core Exercises

When you decide to begin your fitness regime for the day, a few simple thoughts should run through your head. The first one is what results are you aiming to see from the amount of work that you put in. Regardless of your answer, throughout…


Low Repetition Exercises Vs. High Repetition Exercises

Virtually every time you see someone in the gym or a personal trainer on video, they are practicing some form of a “high intensity” workout. The term “high-intensity workout” is commonly being used in fitness circles of all sorts however there is no verifiable evidence…


Simple ways to budget while traveling

Traveling can be expensive especially depending on your travel destination, budgeting and travel go hand in hand. Many people regret their financial choices while traveling because we tend to forget that traveling is temporary and there’s life after traveling. Many things while traveling can tempt…

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