When you decide to begin your fitness regime for the day, a few simple thoughts should run through your head. The first one is what results are you aiming to see from the amount of work that you put in. Regardless of your answer, throughout your exercise routine you’ll probably be faced with two main forms of workouts being full body lifts and direct core exercises. Full body lift routines consist of exercises that incorporate the use of your entire body to complete an action.

An example of a full body lift exercise would be sit-ups, sit-ups encompass a variety of muscle groups including your back, abs, and legs. These sorts of routines incorporate several muscle groups in order to build compounded strength. Although full body lifting exercises don’t focus on core strength building, they have been known to have an effect on core activation which can be great for building all around strength and conditioning.

Full body lifting exercises are optimal for those who are weak in various areas of the body. Instead of focusing on particular muscle groups, full body lifting exercises can help to train and condition your body for direct core exercises which will build muscle mass in a concentrated area. The opposite can be said for direct core exercises, these routines are optimal for people who already have a strong all-around muscle aptitude.

Direct core exercises allow you to train one area of the body in a concentrated manner, the result is faster production of muscle fibers. An example of a direct core exercise would be barbell rollouts which primarily focus on building muscle in the bicep area. These types of concentrated exercises will allow you to produce faster muscle growth in a single area where you may be lacking strength.

Direct core exercises focus all of your energy in a designated area where muscle growth will increase rapidly due to concentrated strain and effort on the desired muscle. If you want efficient results that provide support for areas where you may be lacking, direct core exercises are the perfect option for you.

Full body lifting and direct core exercises, when combined properly, can produce amazing results whether it be for muscle building or weight loss. Each approach has its own unique benefits that may be better suited for your intended fitness goals when compared with its counterpart. Focusing on one exercise approach over the other won’t necessarily provide better results as both target the same muscle groups with slightly different movements.

In order to achieve maximum results, you should combine both full body lifting and direct core exercises to optimize your muscle building and stamina. By incorporating both methods into your exercise routine, you’ll build all around core support that will translate seamlessly into virtually any activity that you partake in. Set a focus group for each session and combine both of these exercise methods to build lasting muscle growth that will allow you to be versatile in all situations.