The thyroid gland is a very important organ in the body which is responsible for an array of functions such as regulating body temperature. The thyroid is also responsible for transforming the food we intake into usable energy for our body and it even plays an important role in cognitive ability. Things such as diet and a lack of exercise can affect the functionality of your thyroid gland when you encounter thyroid problems you need to seek immediate medical assistance.

An improperly functioning thyroid can lead to several other medical issues which will only worsen over time. An early sign of thyroid problems is a lack of energy, this is largely due to the fact that the thyroid gland plays a huge role in producing usable energy for the body. Studies indicate that well over 20 million people suffer from thyroid issues however 13 million of those people are completely unaware that they have a problem.

Stress has been shown to be a major contributing factor to thyroid problems due to the strain that it puts on our hormones. The thyroid secretes three critical compounds into the bloodstream known as T3, calcitonin, & T4. T3 & T4 are hormones which are responsible for managing your overall metabolism, calcitonin aids in bone building and helps to manage calcium storage within the body.

Research shows that women are more susceptible to develop thyroid issues during their lifetime when compared to men. The thyroid gland essentially controls functions such as digestion, calorie consumption, and oxygen usage. When your thyroid begins to experience issues, it will have a direct impact on the rest of your body in general.

If your thyroid begins to secrete too much of the thyroid hormone, it can cause symptoms ranging from weight loss to an increase in your overall metabolic rate. The best way to prevent encountering thyroid issues is by following a strict diet of well-balanced foods that will help regulate your thyroid hormone overall.

If you do happen to encounter some sort of issue with the proper function of your thyroid, medication may be required in order to prevent the condition from worsening. Exercise is also another great way to help regulate the thyroid gland as it activates your metabolism. Maintaining great hydration levels is also another very simple way to ensure that you have a properly functioning thyroid.

You should avoid green tea as it has been shown to irritate symptoms of thyroid disease. You should also avoid processed foods in order to maintain a healthy thyroid, processed foods can include harmful chemicals which may interfere with the healthy secretion of thyroid hormone into the bloodstream.

There are also many supplements available on the market which can help you maintain a healthy thyroid. If you think that you’re experiencing thyroid issues that can’t be cured with any of the above-mentioned methods, you need to contact a professional doctor who will be able to assist you. Take the health of your thyroid serious and takes preventative measures in order to ensure that you avoid potential issues.