Carbohydrates are the backbone of energy production and muscle growth within the body. The debate on whether or not low carb intake is better than high car intake and vice versa has been a long-contested issue within the fitness community. Every food product contains a certain amount of carbohydrates however carbohydrates can be derived from different sources. There are carbohydrates that come from animal fat, vegetables, and fruit all of which have different effects on the body.

This is important to keep in mind when choosing the direction of your diet because it can spell the difference between achieving your fitness goal and not.

Low Carbohydrate Intake

Low carbohydrate intake has its own unique benefits, low carb intake, when combined with particular forms of carbohydrate sources, has been proven to relieve symptoms associated with conditions like small intestinal bacteria overgrowth amongst a range of others. It’s important to keep in mind that a low carb intake diet provides short-term support for medical conditions like the ones listed above however they are not long-lasting.

Low carb intake diets are great for reducing body fat percentage, this is largely due to the fact that low amounts of carb intake deprive the muscles of “bad” carbs while feeding them with “good” carbs. This sort of diet will allow your body to derive only essential muscle building nutrients from your carb sources while leaving out the fat building carb sources.

A low carb diet is also great for those who have trouble sleeping at night or for people who have fluctuating energy levels. However, low carb intake is not always beneficial as over time it can actually trick the body into thinking that your suffering from a thyroid deficiency.

High Carbohydrate Intake

A high carb intake diet also comes with its own set of benefits and adverse effects, one of the main benefits of eating a diet high in carbs is that your body has an ample amount of energy to use for muscle development and exercise. When you create a diet of high carb intake, it allows you to build muscle at a much faster rate because your body does not have to depend on producing vital hormones itself.

For those who regularly go to the gym and are serious about building muscle, healthy carbohydrate sources are natural meats such as chicken and fish. When combined with the right exercise routine, a high carb diet will allow you to recover much quicker from previous workouts. A high carb intake diet can also be very beneficial for those who suffer from a deficiency in adrenaline.

Both low carb intake and high carb intake provides vital energy support for your body as a whole. Some great sources of carbohydrates are zucchini, pumpkin, beef, fish, bananas, and potatoes just to name a few. Take some time to establish clear health goals which will allow you to make a definitive decision on which carb intake method will provide the most benefit to your life.