Children of today face many more societal pressures than their parents had to largely due to the rise of social media and online interaction. With all of these factors constantly presenting images of people who seemingly live perfect lives, the challenge of comparing yourself to other people has become a widespread issue among the youth today. Often times, you see kids trying to fit in with the popular group which can lead them to do things that otherwise wouldn’t even be a part of their personality.

To ensure that your child maintains a strong self of self-worth, it’s important that you as a parent instill values of high-self-esteem. Self-esteem can be a very tricky value to impute in children because it brings up the question of what crosses the line between self-esteem and being arrogant. Arrogance and self-esteem are closely related because innately both work on the fundamental principles of acknowledging that you as a person hold different moral values than everyone else.

This creates a situation in which we find ourselves comparing our beliefs to another person’s in order to gauge who is morally correct. The best way to install self-esteem in your child is by allowing them to express themselves, self-expression allows children to find what makes them happy subsequently removing the need for comparison of their life to another’s.

Talk to your children about individuality and make them feel confident in what they have both internally and externally. Explain to your child that not everything that glitter is gold and teach them about the importance of feeling spiritually happy instead of worrying about what material items others possess. By working on building core principles with your child, you’ll be able to impute wisdom and knowledge into them which will translate into their adult life.

by establishing a relationship in which your kid feels comfortable talking to you about their goals in life, you’ll be able to help them avoid the pressures of society. Encourage your kids to develop an intense amount of focus which will help them remain grounded at all times. Focus will help your child avoid falling into the trap of becoming envious or jealous of other people’s lives because they will be so intently focused on their own goals that they won’t have time to look at what other people are doing.

A well-rounded sense of self-esteem is vital for young children growing up because it will allow them to face obstacles and overcome them without getting stuck in one moment. Consistency is a fundamental part of life and by helping your child constantly build their self-esteem, you’ll be setting them up to become a trustworthy adult that holds an innate sense of responsibility which will translate throughout all areas of their life.

Self-esteem is a valuable quality that many children lack in today’s society, help your kid become one of the anomalies by instilling a quality sense of confidence that doesn’t turn into animosity.